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The attorneys at Haskin, Corrigan, Tabis & Parravano P.C. are specially trained in Illinois collaborative divorce law.  With this type of  representation each party is represented by an Illinois collaborative divorce lawyer.

This area of law provides a time efficient  process in which a collaborative divorce lawyer helps the couple navigate complex Illinois divorce issues in less time and for less cost than a typical litigated divorce.

The Illinois Collaborative Divorce process is appropriate for couples:

  • Reduce stress and animosity rather than nurture bad feelings;
  • Promote effective communication between partners rather than play the “blame game”;
  • Retain decision-making control rather than having strangers decide your fate;
  • Achieve results reflective of everyone’s needs rather than winning at all costs;
  • Provide a healthy co-parenting relationship that meets the children’s needs rather than having children caught in the middle;
  • Invest in the future rather than waste money in litigation arguing about the past;
  • Protect privacy rather than revealing intimate matters in the public record;
  • Improve the odds for long-term cooperation—making agreements that will be kept rather than broken;
  • Preserve the positive aspects of relationships rather than denying or destroying them;
  • Accomplish this life transition in a civil and respectful manner.


To learn more about Illinois collaborative divorce law and its benefits, please visit  the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois website.  They provide answers to many of the common questions about Collaborative Divorce and how it can benefited your family.

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